Friday 20 December 2013

Allure Secret's Eyelash Extension

As a Lash Artist/Stylist for sometime , my clients frequently ask me :

"What makes your eyelash extension special?"

I will always leave a 1mm to 2mm gap between the Extension and lash line . This is to ensure the folicles remain untouched also to have maximum comfort when having extension on . If the extension is stick onto the skin , it will affect the growth cycle of the natural lash which means it will cause unnecessarily lash fall which will eventually lead to bald spot on the lashes .

Extension are attached one by one on the lashes . Meaning , one natural lash will only have one extension . By doing so , customer will not feel any weight of the extension. I do not lump a few strand of extension onto one natural lashes , the reason is I believe not to add on unnecessary weight onto the natural lash as it might affect the health of the lash follicles or it may droop down after a few days when the lashes start to grow (our natural lashes grow everyday and shed everyday).
On the other hand , clients are able to brush their lashes and rinse their lash line with water or lashline sterilizer(to kill infection bacteria e.g. lash mites) which means the risk of infection is relatively low as compared to the other methods.

However , there's no such thing as a official template showing which is the right way of doing eyelash extension . But as a trained eyelash extension specialist , I will always choose the method that cause no harm to the natural lashes for my valuable clients.

P.S. : Have your own creativity , Please do not plagiarize :)

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