Eyelash Extension FAQ

What are eyelash extensions?
Semi-permanent eyelash extensions are synthetic eyelashes that are applied individually to each natural lash, meaning one natural lash only have one false lashes. They are applied by an intricate and exact process and must only be applied by a trained professional. Eyelash extensions add thickness and length, in addition to darkening the appearance of your lash line. They are great for special occasions as well as everyday wear.

Will my natural lashes be affected if I do extension?
No . If is applied properly following the rule “one extension on one natural lash”, your natural lashes will not be affected. Follow this LINK to find out why allure secret's lashes differ from others. Also , I'm certified as a one of the  damage-free artist , so rest assured! 

What are eyelash extensions made out of?
My lashes are made of high quality PBT(Fibres) - it is flexible , soft and resistant . All lashes are genuinely manufactured in Korea under the strictest faculty .

How long will the lashes last?
For Classic Eyelash Extensions it last approx 3-4 weeks and Volume Eyelash Extensions it last approx 4 - 6 weeks  , but it really depend on how your take care your lashes at home. Click on this LINK to find out more on how to maintain your extension . Our lashes shed approx. 3-4 strands per day(30% per month) thus it will drop off eventually 

Are your eyelash extension safe?
Yes, as they are applied by a non-toxic high-grade adhesive which have been through very thorough distillation process to ensure the best quality is extracted . The glue that i use are imported from Canada .
Also , the technique i use is the safest technique . 

How long will the procedure take?
For a brand new full set, your extensions should take approximately 80mins ~ 120mins to apply. This may differ from client to client as some clients have more natural lashes on which to apply. 

What will my procedure be like?
The entire procedure have to be done with your eyes closed completely. You will be comfortably reclined for the duration of your service. There should be no pain or discomfort during your procedure, and you are welcome to relax and even sleep during your appointment if you wish. 
*Do note , for safety reasons -  you are advise not to move during the process

Can I bring my child/Husband/Boyfriend?
Due to the precision and length of the service, children and guests cannot be accommodated at this time. Clients who bring children will be asked to reschedule.

Are the eyelash extension waterproof?
Yes. You will be able to shower, swim, and even exercise with eyelash extensions. Of course, it is recommended not to put any type of creams, oil-based or waterproof mascara, lotions, or cleansers on or around the eyelash extensions as those products can shorten the lifespan of the adhesive.

Can i wear make-up with extensions on?
Yes you can . But you will need to remove your make-up with water-based make up removal . I do sell it at $38 , it can remove water-proof make up as well .

Can i do facial with extensions on?
Yes , but i would highly advise client to do their facial one day before their new set of extensions.

Are extensions water-proof?
Yes of course! Please rinse the extension daily with water to ensure the eyelids are clean .

Do i need to rest in between before having a new set?
If you having my extensions on , you do not need to rest your lashes . These extensions done by me will not cause any unnatural balding to your natural lash and it does not cause any harm to your lash follicles. Meaning you can have extension on forever!

I have more questions .

For any other questions , feel free to drop me a email

 SMS/Whatsapp 9026 6326 .

***P.s : Have your own creativity , do not plagiarize :)


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